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Qarismatic is a social media marketing firm that organically grows your followers and engagements. We work with hundreds of clients worldwide on growing their personal or company’s brand.

Social Media Marketing History

Why Social Media?

  • Whether you want to accept it or not, companies are winning through social media because of one main reason.. You are going where the customers are already at by psychological design.. Better yet, they’re there all the time! So what would it mean for your business if your content appeared in front of thousands of people’s eyes everyday? You can do the math but we already know based on what we do through social media for our clients.
Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media?

  • People are becoming millionaires by starting companies and marketing only through social media. Here is a list of some of the key strategies handled through our social media services:-
    • Online customer service
    • Sell directly through Instagram or facebook as your new online shops
    • Brand or rebrand to a whole new demographic
    • Analytics and reporting of who your followers are and growth …. and more

    “What makes us different from the any other social media company, is our targeted engagement        process”

Targeted Engagement

  • We have a team of social media professionals who actively manage and grow your social media brand. Everything we do is overseen by real social media professionals. Unlike her vices, we do not use automation or bots to grow your account.

    • Introduction: This is where we learn about your business, goals and target audience
    • Data Mining: Once we know who your target audience(s) are, our marketing specialists start to build lists based on the accounts that fit your target which leads us to the next step
    • Strategy Execution: We use a variety of marketing strategies to organically grow your social media followers and engagements.

    “We want you to have peace of mind that QARISMATC can manage everything about your social media end to end”


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