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QA Media Group is your one stop shop for brand identity. Whether you’re ready to grow an idea into a business, or simply need a creative refresh, our designers are ready to define or enhance your brand.

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Logo Design

Your Visual Trademark

Your logo represents everything your brand is about with a simple graphic and wordmark.

  • We design a unique yet recognizable logo that conveys your brand image.
  • We take collaboration very seriously and welcome client input throughout the creative process.

Photo & Video

Showcase Your Brand

Visual content is essential for the growth and development of every brand. Without unique, eye-catching visual assets, it’s impossible to effectively showcase your products and services, engage your audience or stand out from competition.

  • We operate as a full-stack photo and video production house, offering dozens of specialized services to fit projects of all sizes and goals.


Your Visual Trademark

Showcase your decks to sponsors or investors through beautifully designed powerpoint decks

  • Showcase your marketing decks for sponsorships and events
  • Investor decks when raising funds and investment for your company

Early Adopters

We are a group of cross-industry experts who quit our day jobs to transform marketing in a way that creates a better deal for everyone.
Daniel Cueva

Daniel Cueva



I started this company based on one simple premise: We want to give women entrepreneurs access to marketing strategies that were previously available to the select few.


Diane Miller

Diane Miller

Director of Strategy


Diane plays a key role on the growth and strategy of QA Media Group. She also plays an essential role for every woman as Commissioner of the chamber of commerce for the status of women.

Bianca Overton

Bianca Overton

Design and Marketing


We’re applying strategies learned at Haute living to a space that’s been almost untouched by any other marketing agency. The value we can unlock for the entire ecosystem of women entrepreneurs is essential for the upcoming generations

Jake Castillo

Jake Castillo

Web Developer


Digital marketing has yet to find a truly effective way to use technology as an industry-wide equalizer. Here at QA Media Group, we believe we have the right vision to create a platform that will lead to lasting, positive change. We see what the future looks like and have put together a world class team to transform an industry that affects every single person in this country.