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Based in Venice, California, QA Media Group is a highly-acclaimed PR and digital marketing agency.

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Successful PR Campaigns

We have executed for our clients, which have resulted in media placements on esteemed publications such as Forbes and The New York Times. We are confident that our team can deliver great results for you as well.

Gain Media Coverage In Top Publications And Platforms

Our clients consistently achieve media placements in renowned publications and platforms, a testament to the success of our PR campaigns. As a trusted partner, QA Media Group is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for your brand through the expertise of our experienced professionals.

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We recently worked with QA Media Group on a PR campaign for the launch of our new product line, and we were blown away by the results. Not only did we receive coverage in top industry publications, but we also saw a significant increase in website traffic and sales. The team at QA Media Group was professional, strategic, and truly dedicated to our success. We highly recommend them for any PR needs.

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QA Media Group exceeded our expectations with their PR campaign for our new product launch. We received top industry coverage and saw a boost in website traffic and sales. The team was top-notch and truly invested in our success. Highly recommend them for any PR needs.

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Rael Diaz

They are the real deal! Within just a few weeks I was featured in NY Weekly, LA Progressive, This is 50 and many more! The best part is that, every time you google my name, these articles show up at the top of the page.

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Our 3 Step Process

Share your story with us and together we can brainstorm catchy and viral headlines and articles that will bring attention to you and your brand.

Add published articles to your website as credibility boosters, such as “Featured on Yahoo” or “Featured in Forbes”. This not only adds value to your brand, but also increases trust and credibility among potential customers.

Utilizing our extensive network of press contacts, we pitch your story directly to top reporters and editors. We also offer traditional press release services. At the core of PR, we are committed to getting your story out there.

Our Blogs

Unlocking the Power of PR for Music Artists in 2023

Unlocking the Power of PR for Music Artists in 2023

The music industry has changed drastically over the past decade, with the introduction of streaming platforms, social media, and other technologies. In order to remain competitive and successful, music artists must keep up with these changes and understand the evolving industry. Public relations (PR)

Get Ahead of the Curve: Digital Strategies for Artists in 2023

Get Ahead of the Curve: Digital Strategies for Artists in 2023

“Public relations and search engine optimization (SEO) may seem like distinct practices, but they can actually work together to boost a company’s online presence and reputation. Digital PR involves using digital media channels to create, build, and maintain an organization’s relationships and reputation, while SEO focuses on optimizing a website’s pages and content to secure higher rankings on search engine results pages. By incorporating PR efforts into a content marketing strategy, a company can improve its PR campaigns and increase the effectiveness of its content and SEO strategy.